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Key characteristics of all our mechanical presses are:

  • Low initial cost and low cost of ownership

  • Good tire uniformity from increased rigidity and repeatability

  • Easy installation with PCI (option)

  • Pit less or shelf mounted

  • Highly accurate alignment tolerance maintained

    • Top head press guides

    • Bottom platen stationary

    • Loader (and unloader) sturdy design with positive stops and large shock absorbers

    • Center mechanism large bearing surfaces and good seal design

Specification Data of TBR Mechanical Curing Press

No. Type69‘’
1Moving type mold open/closeTilt-back
2Heating deviceplaten
3Q'TY of  cavity2pcs
4Cavity heat shield I.DΦ1750 mm
5Max.squeezing force5500 kN/Cavity
6Mold height320-650 mm
7Max weight of top mold5000 kg/Cavity
8Type of center mechanismBOM
11Tire dataBead diameter16-24 inch
12Max. tire O.D Φ1380 mm
13Max.tire width530 mm
14Max. green tire O.DΦ1360 mm
15Min. green tire Height1200 mm
16Main Motor Power25 kw
17Max. external pressure1.6 Mpa
18Max. internal pressure2.8 Mpa
19Power water pressure21 MPa Hydraulic oil
20Power air pressure0.59 Mpa
21Control air pressure0.34 Mpa