SinoArp Cures Tires with Its Global First 85” Dual-Mold Hydraulic Press

On July 5th, Sinoarp held celebrations for tires cured with its 85” press in a renowned tire plant in China. This is Sinoarp’s global first 85” dual-mold hydraulic press, another symbol of OTR curing presses. 

The press can open/close mold within 50 seconds, and cure tires with 1540mm O.D., enjoying high productivity. Its multi tie rods are placed evenly around molds to ensure well-distributed locking forces. Its fixed bottom mold, highly accurate parallelism and concentricity between top and bottom platens have paved the way to high-quality tires. The guide system of open/close is independent and free from mold-locking forces, so that it can remain the original shape eternally. 

Its specification parameters are as follows:




       No. of cavities

       Max. mold-closing   force

       Platen O.D.

       Max. mold thickness

       Min. mold thickness

       Applicable bead diameter

       Cured tire   diameter

       Cured tire   thickness

       Green tire height

       Green   tire O.D.

       Max.   bladder extend stroke


Hydraulic   tire curing press



6700kN   /cavity










Max.   tire bolstering stroke

(bottom   ring stroke)

Max. tire   weight

Mold   adjustment

Max mold   weight

  Max. oil pressure






Motor   reducer + chain wheel/chain

15000   kg




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