The 3rd Lifetime Achievement Award for Mr. Zhang Zhengluo in the Rubber Machinery Industry in China

Congratulations to Mr. Zhang Zhengluo, chief engineer in SinoArp, for the 3rd Lifetime Achievement Award in the rubber machinery industry in China.image.png


On Nov. 20, 2020, the review meeting of the 3rd “High Quality and Innovative Product” and “Excellent National Brands in Rubber Plastic Machinery of China” were held in Beijing”, jointly initiated by evaluation agencies, namely, National Rubber and Plastic Design Technology Center, National Rubber Machinery Information Center and the periodical office of Rubber Plastic Technology and Equipment.


The core panel, who have rich experience in the industry, have acclaimed this evaluation. Mr. Zhang Zhengluo has won the Lifetime Achievement Award, standing out from all the nominees.


Being a senior engineer, Mr. Zhang has been in rubber machinery for 35 years. Placing a priority on the reliability of curing presses, he studies rubber machinery tireless, in particular the new structure of tire curing presses. As a result, “rod-pulling mold- locking hydraulic curing press”, “self-adjusting press without bolster”, “dual rod press with self-adjustment” and other products have come true, all being reliable, accurate, efficient and portable, with the features of Industrial 4.0. These cutting edge products have won the hearts of our customers around the world, with 40-odd domestic and 6 global PCT patents, making enormous contributions to the upgrading of tire curing presses. He is an idol in the machinery industry, who works hard with profound knowledge, an idol that deserves our respect.

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